Make- Ahead Pancake Mix

Mornings can be hectic and anything I can do to shorten breakfast prep time is a big help. We often have pancakes in the morning so I like to get my from-scratch pancake mix prepared ahead of time. Since I grind my wheat flour and flax seed, I store the mix in the refrigerator to help retain the nutritional benefits.

Preparing the mix ahead is a real time saver. I get the equipment and ingredients out just once instead of five times. It's a simple activity for the weekend that results in prepared mix for the next week or two.

I store the mix in quart size freezer bags (which I reuse). I place the quart size bags in a larger gallon size bag to keep them corralled in the fridge. My pancake mix is simply the dry ingredients from this pancake recipe

When I want to make pancakes, I simply dump the mix into a medium-sized bowl. I mix the wet ingredients in a small bowl. Then combine the wet and dry ingredients and you are ready to cook pancakes.

It's my morning sanity saver.

Update: I have had several questions regarding how I grind wheat and flax. You can read all about it here.

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