Waste Not

Americans waste a lot of food. Estimates quoted around the internet claim that we throw away between 27 and 40 percent of the food we purchase.

Take a minute and calculate 30 percent of your grocery budget. If  you are an average family of four, you spend $500 per month on food. If 30 percent of that is wasted, that's $150 in the trash. That's a lot of money down the drain, not to mention the ethical issues involved with wasting food.

Over the next couple of weeks, I would like to explore some steps we can take to reduce the amount of food (and money) we waste. We will continue to look at steps we can take to keep produce fresh longer.  If you missed any of those posts, you can read them here.

By being more intentional about the food we buy, the way we use it, and the way we store it, I hope that we will all be able to help our food budget by reducing food waste.

What methods do you use to reduce food waste?