Selecting & Storing Honeydew Melons

When allowed to ripen properly, a mature honeydew is a sweet and tasty treat. Whereas, an imature honeydew can be a tasteless disappointment.

Honeydew build up all of their natural sugars while still on the vine. After harvest, they will become softer and juicier, but they will not be any sweeter than the day they were harvested. So it is important that you select a mature melon, letting it ripen, if necessary, once you get it home.

How can you tell whether the honeydew is mature?

Take a look at the rind. It should be yellowish or cream colored. A white or greenish rind is a sign of an immature melon. Run your hand over the surface of the rind. A very slight velvety texture is a sign of a ripe melon. A rind with no texture was harvested too soon.

When you bring a mature melon home, it may need to soften on the counter for a few days. When the stem end becomes slightly springy and the melon has a sweet scent, it is ready to eat.

A ripe melon should be stored in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. Stored in that manner, it should last up to a week.