How to Mix Natual Peanut Butter

For a long time, I avoided natural peanut butter. If you purchase natural peanut butter, you know how the oil collects at the top of the jar and there is a lot of stirring required to get the peanut butter ready to eat.

Thanks to a tip I read at This Chick Cooks, I have an easy way to get the peanut butter creamy and smooth.

Just empty the jar into a mixing bowl and use a hand mixer at medium speed to get the peanut butter smooth and creamy.

It really sounds like more work than it is. I think it is totally worth it to avoid oil dripping down the side of the jar or splattering on your clothes. And you won't end up with dry hard peanut butter at the bottom of the jar.

We are now eating natural peanut butter without the mess!