How to Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner

As part of the 30 Day Housecleaning Challenge, I did surface cleaning in the bathrooms today. In addition to the surface cleaning, I decided to tackle the plastic shower curtain liner in one of the bathrooms.

We have a Maytex No More Mildew Shower Curtain Liner,  It's a heavy duty clear liner.

I just throw the plastic liner in the washing machine with some towels, regular detergent and a cup of vinegar. The liner in the photo has been washed in this manner many times and it always comes out great.

If you have a shower curtain liner and are looking for a way to keep the water in the shower, I highly recommend these wonderful little plastic devices. They come in a set of two and they really work.

Get Shower Splash Guards for just $7.99.

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