Homemade Sandwich Rolls

We have been eating lots of sandwiches lately and I had gotten in the habit of purchasing sandwich rolls at my grocer's bakery. That habit was getting expensive so I decided to try making my own rolls. I made them for the first time yesterday and they turned out great.

I used a recipe from the Money Saving Mom site. The recipe is actually for bread sticks and the bread sticks are delicious, but I thought the recipe would make some really tasty sandwich rolls. The recipe is so simple with the use of a bread machine.

Since we are a dairy-free family, I made this recipe using olive oil instead of butter. After running the dough cycle of the bread machine, I rolled the dough slightly to form a rectangle. I sliced the dough into eight pieces and let them rise a second time.

I brushed the rolls with olive oil before they went in the oven to give them a golden crust. They turned out just perfect for our turkey sandwiches.

A note about yeast:  If you are used to using the little yeast packets, please know that purchasing yeast in bulk is so much less expensive.

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