The Scent of the Holidays from Your Crock-Pot

Here's a simple way to make your home smell fantastic using just a few spices you probably have in your pantry.

There are tons of "simmer pot" recipes online from which to choose, but I started with this one because it didn't call for any unusual ingredients. I may try some more exotic blends in the future, but it's always nice to be able to make something with what you already have on hand.

This is a great use for a small crock-pot . If you have only a larger crock pot, you can double this recipe, or simmer the mixture in a small saucepan. You will have to be more careful about keeping an eye on a simmering saucepan.

For my small crock-pot shown above, I used the following:
If your crock pot has temperature settings, put it on high for one hour, then turn it down to it's lowest setting to simmer. Simmer uncovered for several hours, checking often to see if you need to add water.

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