Simple Upgrades: Salt & Pepper

Often it's the simplest details that make a world of difference. Such is the case of your choice of salt and pepper when creating a meal.

If you've been flavoring your food with run-of-the-mill salt and pepper options, you will be amazed at the difference a little salt and pepper upgrade will make. Everyday menu items suddenly feel gourmet.

Why it matters

Salt and pepper options at the local grocer are limited, and the tiny containers are so expensive. Purchasing in bulk saves money and opens up an array of flavor choices.

Have you ever searched for organic peppercorns? Not easy to find in a store, but online options abound, and when purchased by the pound, the price drops dramatically. Our current favorite is this organic Malabar black pepper.

Himalayan sea salt? You may find it in stores but, again, your choices are limited and the prices are exorbitant. This Himalayan crystal salt is our current favorite.

As an added bonus, grinders are fun! They add a physical element to individual food preparation. Each diner is able to create a plate exactly to their own liking.

How to do it

Grinders are made in a wide variety of designs. I'm currently using this basic design. For anyone with wrist issues, this one does not involve any twisting of the wrist.

If you are grinding salt crystals, be sure you have a grinder intended for this purpose. Salt may damage grinders that are not intended to be used this way.

Elegant wood and metal grinders come in a range of sizes. Choose something you will enjoy using!


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