Can you survive on $1.25 per day?

This month, Compassion Bloggers were sent a link to a "game" on the 58 website. The object of the game is to see whether you could survive on $1.25 per day given the living conditions and situations confronted by a person living in poverty.

This is Divya, a brick maker from India with four children. She has some tough choices to make. Does she keep her son home from school or does she spend money on the required uniform? Does she send her daughter to work in the factory? What about when she learns that the factory owner is a known trafficker of young girls? When I played the game, I didn't make it half-way through the month before I ran out of money.

The choices are heart-wrenching. Especially when you realize that for 26 percent of the world's population, this is not a game. This is life.

Currently, 1.3 billion people around the world live poverty. Want to see how you would do at living on $1.25 a day? Play "Survive 125" here. Then learn more about 58: and its mission here and read about Compassion International’s efforts here