Christmas in Art: Sister Wendy on the Art of Christmas

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Detail from a fresco in the Cataomb of Priscilla, Rome

A new addition to our Christmas book collection, Sister Wendy on the Art of Christmas is a tour through fourteen works of art that reflect the spirit of the season. Sister Wendy's insightful narrative guides the reader from Advent through the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. 

For centuries --for millennia--the whole world was in a state of advent: it was waiting. Until the Lord revealed himself to Abraham, our ancestors did not know for what or for whom they were waiting. But every thinking being knew (and still does) that our present state is not right. Injustice, violence, misery: This is not how it is meant to be, and all our instincts cry out against it. 

 Sister Wendy on the Art of Christmas

This is a perfect way to spend some time reflecting on the season while learning about the technique and meaning behind these beautiful works of art.