Habits: The Morning Routine

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Routines give structure to our day. When we have routines in place, we don't need to think about what we are supposed to do next.

And if there is one time that I do not want to think about what to do next, it's first thing in the morning.

Although my alarm goes off at 4:30 am, I'm not a morning person. It just so happens that the reality of my life right now is that I must wake up at that hour. So what happens when the alarm goes off? It used to be that I would hit the snooze button but no more! I have a "wake-up" routine that gets me up and gets me focused.

Since every morning is different at my house, and usually includes a mad rush out the door (despite my early wake-up), I have a very simple "morning routine". Just five steps to get me ready for whatever that day holds.

Here it is:

1.  Start the coffee maker 
It's prepared the night before, during my evening routine.

2.  Drink a full glass of water
It really helps your body wake up, and since I will be having coffee soon I don't want to get dehydrated.

3.  Get fully dressed, complete with shoes
This is often not my outfit for the day, just some comfortable, casual clothes in which I can begin the day. Often, I will make breakfast and complete some small chores before showering and dressing for work. I have found that I am much more productive in day clothes than pj's.

4.  With a cup of coffee, review the plan for the day
The plan was prepared the night before during my evening routine. Every day is different around here with different schedules and activities which is why my morning routine is more of a "wake-up" routine.

5.  Pray
Occasionally, after prayer, I will tweak my previous plan for the day. Perhaps something that I first thought was an important activity, really isn't.

Now that my plan is finalized, I'm ready to start the day!

This is what I do in the morning because it works for me. If you are having a difficult time getting focused in the morning, take some time to develop a routine that will work for you.

Having routines in place provides structure to your day. When you have a routine that works for you, that's one less thing you have to think about.