21 Days to a More Disciplined Life - Day 10

Day 10: Discipline Needs Cheerleaders

Today Crystal talks about the importance of having someone to whom you are accountable. When making changes that require discipline, it's too easy to take a day off or take a short cut when things get tough. But if you make yourself accountable to someone, if you know that someone is checking up on your progress, it's much tougher to let things slide.

This 21-day narrative of my progress is a good example. It would be so easy to skip a day, or to stop altogether (such is my tendency toward non-discipline). But the thought of people reading my progress (you are out there, aren't you?), clicking through the days, and then finding that I just dropped the ball...well, that's what keeps me writing this series.

Crystal shares some great ideas for finding an accountability partner tomorrow.
Mega Project Step 10

Today I tackled baking supplies. Baking supplies come in all sorts of containers of different shapes and sizes. I do a fair amount of baking and it's important for me to have the commonly used baking items at the ready. I already have my sugars in my favorite OXO pop-up containers and I've decided that these will be perfect for some other baking supplies as well. Chocolate chips and nuts are visible and easily accessible in these containers.

Other baking supplies are located nearby on a two-tier lazy susan. It's not my first choice as far as storage for these items, but it's what I have on hand. I cleaned off the lazy susan (it had been quite a while since it was cleaned) and arranged my smaller baking items such as baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, etc.

Today was another small step on the pantry project but I am seeing real progress. It's nice to be able to locate items quickly in the pantry and to easily see what I have on hand.

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This series is based on the ebook 21 Days To A More Disciplined Life by Crystal Paine. If you don't have a copy of the ebook yet, it is now available at Amazon.

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