Vinegar Kills Weeds

Normally, I would just put on some gardening gloves and start yanking. But I had many weeds in rocks and between bricks that had either grown so large that I was unable to get the entire root, or were too tiny to get a good grip.

So instead of heading off to the store in search of some weed killer, I thought I would try a tip I found somewhere online. Somewhere I had read that vinegar kills weeds.

I found a plastic spray bottle, filled it with vinegar, and headed outside. I sprayed many weeds. My sidewalk did smell like vinegar for a while, but if you have ever used weed killer, you know that doesn't smell so great either.

The next day, the weeds were definitely on their way out. By day three they were dead and dried.

So for much less than the cost of weed killer, I got rid of my weeds. I'll bet I avoided some nasty chemicals too.

Disclaimer: The vinegar did a great job on the weeds, but it may not be so great for other plants either. Please keep this in mind as you're spraying.

I shared this tip at Frugal Tip Tuesday.