Why I Buy Toilet Paper at Amazon

Yes, it's true. I buy my toilet paper at Amazon.

Not because I'm too lazy to truck the bulky package from a local store to my home, but because it is often less expensive and so much easier.

In fact, I've been purchasing more and more of my groceries and toiletries online and have been thrilled with the cost savings and the convenience.

Toilet paper is just one example.

Right now, you can get 32 rolls for Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper for as low as $.36 per roll with free shipping. To get this deal, combine the $2.00 available coupon with a 15% Subscribe and Save discount.

Or, you might opt for 48 rolls of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush for as low as $.42 per roll shipped.

Both examples are less than what I would pay locally. No clipping coupons, no running around town for a deal. And one less item on my weekly shopping list.

I save money and time. Can't beat that.

Puppy Images via Cottonelle.

(I love the convenience of shopping online and I think you will too. The links in this post are my referral links. Read my disclosure policy here.)