Coloring Inspiration and an October Coloring Page

Coloring is, just as it was when you were a child, a fun and relaxing activity. Experts as far back as Carl Jung have prescribed coloring to their patients as a relaxation technique.

Most adult coloring pages, however, are filled with images that, to me at least, are not calming nor relaxing. 

I appreciate a project I can complete in one sitting (or two, at most). I need the page to be visually calming, little clutter, lots of white space. And I prefer the project itself to have a purpose, a quote, words of encouragement, a picture of a place perhaps?

Today I have two pages, one for inspiration and one just because October is such a great month. 

Print them both, they're in PDF format. 

Grab some markers or colored pencils and a few moments for yourself.

Download this free PDF of this coloring page with a message to inspire right here:

The PDF for this one is right here:


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