Goals for the Week

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I've been trying to save money by making sure that we use all the food we purchase. Things tend to sit in the refrigerator and spoil if I'm not intentional about using them. This week, I plan to:
I am also trying to be more diligent about maintaining the things I have. This week, I plan to check over my shoes to see if any need to be polished or repaired. It's amazing what you can do to maintain or fix shoes that you already have instead of buying new.

I am really enjoying all the free ebooks available at Amazon. I don't own a Kindle, but I read the ebooks either on my PC or ipod touch. This week, I plan to finish these books which I downloaded when they were free (please note that these ebooks are no longer free--Amazon generally offers them for free for a very limited time):

I plan to post about select free ebooks at Amazon. If you are interested in free ebooks for kids or about starting your own business, please visit The Prudent Reader.