21 Days to a More Disciplined Life - Day 9

Day 9: Break Your Goals Into Bite-Sized Pieces

I am thrilled with the (many) goals I was able to come up with yesterday and I think I narrowed my list to three that will make a big impact in my life and that I am really excited about. I put the goals to paper and have them posted where I am sure to see them several times per day.

Now it's time to break those goals down into smaller pieces so we can begin making progress with baby steps.

My organized pantry mega project is a great example of this. The thought of organizing the entire pantry at once is overwhelming. But once I started breaking it down into small tasks, it doesn't seem so daunting.  Each day when I write what I have accomplished on the mega project, it is almost embarrassing how small the day's task seems. But the impact of each of those small tasks adds up and makes a big difference.

I am thrilled with the progress I have made in the pantry by just taking it a little bit at a time. Now it's time to apply this same procedure to the other goals I have set.

Mega Project Step 9

Today I tackled the pasta items in my pantry. I didn't realize how many different types of pasta I have on hand. I decided my favorite OXO pop-up containers that I have been using for so many other items would be perfect for pasta as well.

The squared corners on these containers save so much space compared to round containers and I just love the great seal on the pop-up lid. The containers are clear so you can see what's inside. And I love how it looks when all the containers are uniform.

Overall it was a pretty easy day on the pantry project (other than the fact that I needed to purchase more containers) but I am seeing real progress and am encouraged by my results.

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