Make Over Your Morning: Morning Stretch

It’s time to get moving!

Shuffling my feet from the bed to a chair is seldom enough to really wake me up. To be productive at whatever my task is for the morning, I need a good morning stretch.

After drinking a full glass of water and getting dressed for“work”, my next activity is some type of physical stretching to get my blood pumping. This doesn’t have to be strenuous, or even technically exercise. Since I usually spend my early mornings at a desk or doing computer work, I need some type of physical movement to get my blood pumping and prevent me from drifting back to sleep mode.

I usually run my dishwasher at night so it needs to be emptied before breakfast. The simple act of bending for a plate and then reaching to put it in the cupboard is enough to wake up my muscles so that don’t feel sleepy. You could, of course, do a more formal exercise but I usually save that for later.

So touch you toes, reach for the sky, do a few arm circles. Be sure your body is fully awake so that you can really get to work.

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